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Brief Beginners Guide for Marvel strike Force


The game is the most trending online multiplayer RPG in this new era of modernization. It is created by FoxNext games, and its size is almost 91 MB. Marvel Strike Force is easily available free of cost at various websites for both Android and IOS users. It is a best for the battle game among all other online RPG games as it contains high-quality graphics and better sound quality. In the game, you have to compete with friends or many other online players from all over the world. The users can compete in different modes and areas according to their choice. The game consists of three main parts namely Story, arena, and raid. Following are some instructions:

  1. Story – It refers to a main part of the game as it consists winter soldier, Yondu and Black Widow which are described below-
  • Winter Soldier – In it, the IMO is the best attacker or damage dealer in the game. It is available early on, and it isn’t even close. All three abilities of Winter Soldier hits with great power, and he has the health of a tank to heal himself anytime and everywhere.
  • Yondu – He provides the strongest AOE abilities in the game as he increases minions to aid you. The effects are really good damage and available easily.
  • Black Widow – she controls the Meta arena for a basic reason. The main task that she performs is to speeds up the team and provides a stun.
  1. Arena – In it, the more and more levels you win or complete the harder opponents you get. Following are some types:
  • Drax – It is the main tank among all three, and it starts the game with taunt. It is also a heavy hitter    and has lots of health to go.
  • Hawkeye – It is good for shutting down the tanks and taunts or buffs away. The main problem of the Hawkeye is that he is weak and doesn’t hit hard.

Marvel Strike Force hack is the best game among all other battle game. The game is very adventurous and interesting in playing. More than thousands of people in the world play it every day.


Legendary Game Of Heroes-The Ultimate Guide For The Beginners

Role-playing games are gaining more popularity nowadays, and Legendary Game of Heroes is one of them. It is a free game with a lot of unique features, and you can download it easily on your mobile phone. It is a small game need it only requires 92MB in your mobile and thousands of people installed it till now.  For Android users, it requires 4.4 versions to play the game correctly.

It is important for everyone to learn the rules and controls by using the guide and Legendary Game Of Heroes Hack to play it easily.  It is a great platform, and you can learn many of things from here.


You should make a target to kill the right enemy in the game. Tap on the enemy to select the right target quickly. By using it, you can kill the enemies continuously and up your level. It is better for you to kill the strong enemy first and make the game easy for you. Always try to kill the enemies by using the headshot.

Skills for battle      

All the heroes have their different power, and you should use the right hero at the right fight to increase your gaming standard.  You can use the gems to upgrade the skills to make the team stronger. Always care about the energy while using these powers, because these powers take your all energy in one time.

Hero card

By using the hero card, you can get all information about that player. There are many things available on these cards to give you the right details about the player. You can know the hero name, team cost, level and attacks by using the card. You should use the hero card when you want to buy the new player in the game.


Some Interesting Facts about Sniper 3d Assassin

A shooting game Sniper 3d Assassin was developed by excellent studio fun Games For free. In the Action Category, it is the best shooting game. If you like to play shooting game, then you should download the game. In the game, many types of missions and tasks are available which make the game so accessible. If you like to play that game, then it is free to play, but some items are purchasable. The game was launched with hundreds of thrilling missions and 3g graphics. The graphics are making the game like the natural world. The various kinds of features are making the game very enjoyable. So today I will tell you some interesting facts about the game.

How to get extra points-

In every game, the extra points are used to make your level high and unlock the many things. In the game, many ways or path are present for earning extra points. Via the extra points, you receive the many rewards like coins, experience points, and other points. So if you want to increase your level and take the one number on leaderboards, then these are all tips useful. Now I tell you some paths for earning free points. Read the all points carefully to achieve the points.

  1. Headshot-

You know that in the game you kill the enemies. From killing the enemies, you will receive the points. In the game head is the central body part. It means when you shoot directly on the body part then you will obtain some extra points. Via the shoot on the head, you can kill the enemies in the one shot. So it is beneficial for killing the enemies and earns the extra points. So try to shoot on the enemies head for killing in a single shot and collect the points.

  1. Multi-kill-

The multi-kill also the best option to earn the extra points. In the game, many opinions are available to multi kill your enemies. For example- At the time of mission you many enemies come in huge quantity than sometimes their many petrol drums are available. In that situation, you should shot on the drum. After that, the drum will be a blast, and all the enemies are killing by the blast in one time. So it is the best way to kill your many enemies at one time and earn the extra points. This way it proves beneficial to earn extra points and boot up the level. So it is the best way to gain points like experience points and many others.

  1. Weapons-

Sometimes the guns are also the best way to earn extra points, but it depends on your weapons by getting Sniper 3d Assassin Cheats.


Detail about Weapons and Modes

You know that the tank stars game all depends on the action. All game is depending on tanks, weapons, modes, and coins. In this game to create more enjoy full and specific. The currency gives many types of weapons and modes. From the different modes, you play with your friends. You can also play with computers and online players. This is also the best way to fell enjoy and stress-free. You also upgrade your weapons with the Tank Stars Hack help of coins you update them. You also buy the new guns with coins. So today we talk about the types of weapons and modes in detail. Read the information carefully.

  • Weapons types-

In this game six types of weapons given. All weapons are unique, and each has different ability. The weapons are buying from coins. Sometime when your level increase then you will receive weapons as the gifts. But it is not sure you will receive, but the reward is surely received you. Now I will tell you the types of weapons in the tank star.

  1. Railgun
  2. Alien Probe
  3. Tesla Zone
  4. Orbital Strike
  5. Lighting
  6. Cannon drone

How to upgrade a weapon-

If you want to improve the weapon, then you need to weapon card. We can also say that for upgrading the weapons the specific weapon card or coin is must be required. For example, you want to upgrade the railgun then you must require 25 Railgun cards. On every update, you need different card amount.

Select the mode and touch on that tank which you are using. Select them and touch on weapons. After touch on weapon select upgrade option and confirm that. It costs you coins.

Types of modes-

In every game the all companies give the many modes to play games. The all modes have their different works. Some modes have played with friends; play with computers and many modes are available in it. These all modes are making this game perfect and enjoy fully. Now I tell about the mode s of it. In this four types of modes are available.

  1. computer
  2. friend
  3. Online PvP
  4. Tournaments

The feature of every modes-

  1. Computer-

This mode is given for play on the computer. Means if you have no buddy to play this game in that situation you play with the computer. In this mode, you set up the level of the computer. If you want to play on the high level then you set the computer level on hard or as per is you want to play on low then you set the computer on easy  level, or middle level is also available in it for the middle-level person.  So always set the level as per your requirement. So it is the best way to play or learn about the game.

  1. Friend-

The company also gives the best way to play this game with friends. If you want to interest to play this game with your friends, then select this mode. From linking the game with your Facebook account.  Whose friend play this game after that they able to play with you. Then you also able to play the game with your friends this is the best way to connective with your friends. Because nowadays everyone is busy in their life or not give the time to their friends. For play with friends, the coin must require. The winner will receive the total coins of a beat. So this is a very easiest way to connect with friends and make your relationship stronger.

  1. Online PvP-

This is the best way to create new friends. From this, you create new friend from the game and also add them on Facebook. The PvP means players vs. players. This is the best way to improve your friend circle and option to play the game with unknown players online.

  1. Tournament-

The tournament is a series of challenges. It is created by the company. In this series, many challenges are given, and every series winner gets different prizes. All the series are interesting and very challenging. The tournament is joining by many players online. All the players fight with each other in the game.