Brief Beginners Guide for Marvel strike Force


The game is the most trending online multiplayer RPG in this new era of modernization. It is created by FoxNext games, and its size is almost 91 MB. Marvel Strike Force is easily available free of cost at various websites for both Android and IOS users. It is a best for the battle game among all other online RPG games as it contains high-quality graphics and better sound quality. In the game, you have to compete with friends or many other online players from all over the world. The users can compete in different modes and areas according to their choice. The game consists of three main parts namely Story, arena, and raid. Following are some instructions:

  1. Story – It refers to a main part of the game as it consists winter soldier, Yondu and Black Widow which are described below-
  • Winter Soldier – In it, the IMO is the best attacker or damage dealer in the game. It is available early on, and it isn’t even close. All three abilities of Winter Soldier hits with great power, and he has the health of a tank to heal himself anytime and everywhere.
  • Yondu – He provides the strongest AOE abilities in the game as he increases minions to aid you. The effects are really good damage and available easily.
  • Black Widow – she controls the Meta arena for a basic reason. The main task that she performs is to speeds up the team and provides a stun.
  1. Arena – In it, the more and more levels you win or complete the harder opponents you get. Following are some types:
  • Drax – It is the main tank among all three, and it starts the game with taunt. It is also a heavy hitter    and has lots of health to go.
  • Hawkeye – It is good for shutting down the tanks and taunts or buffs away. The main problem of the Hawkeye is that he is weak and doesn’t hit hard.

Marvel Strike Force hack is the best game among all other battle game. The game is very adventurous and interesting in playing. More than thousands of people in the world play it every day.


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